Since the report was released a number of years ago, the importance and value of downtown wi-fi for citizens, small businesses and visitors has only grown. NC Local governments have learned this and many more have begun offering it as a service to their citizens, visitors, and small businesses. However, since this report was released,
Recently, Governor McCrory announced the release of the Connecting North Carolina State Broadband Plan. The State Broadband Plan, developed by the Broadband Infrastructure Office within the Department of Information Technology, is a guiding document intended to inform policy makers as they create, implement and impact policies on the deployment, adoption and use of broadband infrastructure
Overview Innovation fuels a knowledge-based economy: it creates new industries, makes existing ones globally competitive, and sustains economic growth. With this report, the fifth in a series of innovation indexes that began with Tracking Innovation 2000, 1 North Carolina is one of a handful of enterprising states that regularly monitor innovation assets, activities, and trends

State Broadband Plan Progress Report

Broadband Plan Progress Report Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Information Technology and the Fiscal Research Division
The White House today released the Broadband Opportunity Council Report from the Broadband Opportunity Council, a group established by the President that NTIA co-chaired on behalf of Secretary Pritzker. The report describes concrete steps that 25 federal agencies will take over the next 18 months to eliminate barriers and promote broadband investment and adoption. These