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RALEIGH N.C. – North Carolina will be better able to identify and address places that lack reliable internet service using a new tool launched today by the North Carolina Department of Information Technology’s (DIT) Broadband Infrastructure Office. People will be able to use the new interactive mapping tool to report whether they have internet access
WHat are the benefits of mapping broadband coverage
Broadband mapping efforts have been taking place across the country for some time now. Most of the maps within the United States are driven by data that is submitted to states or the Federal Communications Commission. The data is provided by internet service providers and typically compiled at census block level. At this level, the
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In April 2016, Orange County launched a Wi-Fi to go program for citizens in their county libraries. They began with just 15 Verizon jet packs, but quickly scaled to 74 units after demand for the service became apparent. Patrons may check out a Wi-Fi to go set for three weeks with a normal fine structure.
The Department of Information Technology and Broadband Infrastructure Office have published the broadband plan status report for December 2016. Read the Broadband Plan Status Report
Public Safety and the Connecting North Carolina State Broadband Plan Broadband connectivity affects almost every aspect of our lives, whether you are student doing homework, an entrepreneur growing a business, or an emergency responder saving lives. Our state houses thousands of emergency responders and hundreds of local, state and federal response agencies. Fast and reliable communications
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Recently, Governor McCrory announced the release of the Connecting North Carolina State Broadband Plan. The State Broadband Plan, developed by the Broadband Infrastructure Office within the Department of Information Technology, is a guiding document intended to inform policy makers as they create, implement and impact policies on the deployment, adoption and use of broadband infrastructure
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Press Release Governor McCrory Releases State Broadband Plan   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                            (919) 814-2100 Tuesday, June 21, 2016                                
The impacts of broadband availability on local economies can be profound. Limited access can impact an areas’ ability to recruit new businesses, educate for a modern workforce, and engage in global commerce. The North Carolina Innovation Index, published in 2013 said “North Carolina has significant and unique middle-mile assets that can be leveraged to increase

Barriers to Broadband Adoption

The internet intersects with and impacts nearly every facet of the modern North Carolinian’s life. Through it, citizens can buy and sell goods and services, engage with their governments, complete homework, earn degrees and certifications, receive healthcare services, complete work tasks, run a business, connect with friends and family, watch movies, stream their favorite television