Providing free wifi in your downtown can be an excellent way to encourage people to spend more time at local shops and businesses, growing local revenue and marketability. But many local communities struggle with spreading the word about this feature. Marketing your network is often just a piece of the puzzle in growing your downtown
Getting your downtown WiFi program off the ground can seem like a daunting task. You can think of every reason in the world to start, but there are so many buildings, and then paperwork, and finding funds, and wires… oh the wires. The most important step to getting started is putting together a plan. A
Since the report was released a number of years ago, the importance and value of downtown wi-fi for citizens, small businesses and visitors has only grown. NC Local governments have learned this and many more have begun offering it as a service to their citizens, visitors, and small businesses. However, since this report was released,
Downtowns of all sizes throughout North Carolina serve as a central business district and meeting place attracting small businesses, residents, and tourists. Broadband is an excellent way to empower your town’s visitors and residents to learn more about what is happening and available locally. Whether your visitors are accessing a local online community calendar, a