WHat are the benefits of mapping broadband coverage
Broadband mapping efforts have been taking place across the country for some time now. Most of the maps within the United States are driven by data that is submitted to states or the Federal Communications Commission. The data is provided by internet service providers and typically compiled at census block level. At this level, the
In an effort to begin to capture information about the quality of service that is being delivered at residential and commercial locations around the state, BIO is announcing a new mapping Initiative    The initiative is expected to launch in mid-May and will include a user-reporting form which will be used to populate the map
The Edenton Chowan Partnership has been selected to participate in the Cool and Connected Program sponsored by the USDA Rural Utilities Services and the US EPA, according to Larry Lombardi, executive director of the partnership. The program offers planning assistance to communities interested in expanding their opportunity to offer broadband capabilities, Lombardi said during a
In April 2016, Orange County launched a Wi-Fi to go program for citizens in their county libraries. They began with just 15 Verizon jet packs, but quickly scaled to 74 units after demand for the service became apparent. Patrons may check out a Wi-Fi to go set for three weeks with a normal fine structure.
As communities are putting together their broadband planning committees, making sure that the right people who bring the right experiences, benefits and opportunities are at the table can be critical to their efforts’ success. North Carolina is rich with nonprofit organizations and associations that work to bridge the high-speed gap between the un- and under-served
We often hear from communities that they are getting a lot of emails and phone calls from citizens and businesses about improving their broadband connection or learning how to properly use the internet to get the most benefit. But the person that they contact doesn’t know how to solve the problem. Often times, they will
Building a plan and strategy that works for your community is critical to seeing success in the development of infrastructure that supports broadband availability and adoption. In order to build that plan, you need to have the best team in place that can support those efforts by providing the valuable feedback, experience and critical insight