While 90% of NC households have access to higher speeds, only 10% of NC households have adopted at FCC suggested threshold, 25 MBps/3Mbps.

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Broadband Adoption is is the “demand” side of the broadband equation, measuring the extent to which the population is actually subscribing to broadband where it is available.

Adoption rates can reflect the ability of a state’s population to utilize online learning tools and telework options, and may provide some indication of workforce preparedness in terms of digital literacy and digital activity.

NC LITE-UP (North Carolina Linking the Internet to Economically Underprivileged People) was an 18 month research study done by NC Broadband that was designed to better understand these barriers and how they impact broadband adoption in low-income households.

Using the findings from the study, in part, North Carolina will develop a comprehensive statewide plan that will address broadband issues including adoption.